One can only imagine what it was like… The booming thunder of distant bombs Shaking the most solid of foundations Until they were but rubble of the ground. Families scattered and torn With scarce knowledge concerning the endurance of loved ones. Boys becoming men, Still young and too innocent Yet cradling a bullet firing gun … Continue reading War

Filled With Light

Little Nuru, wandered the paths of his suburb kicking along a small stone and disturbing broken concrete as his feet carried. The streets were bustling with noise from the hum of motorbike engines and the enthusiastic cries of market sellers. Their stalls lined the path opposite the side of the road where Nuru strolled. Oblivious to … Continue reading Filled With Light


There is a certain calm that found in the sound of crashing waves Something pleasant about the roar of the sea Foam and ripples and motion Salty blue liquid under the sun, Protecting and giving life to millions of treasures underneath A home for creatures known and others undiscovered Beyond Trenches so deep, utterly untouched … Continue reading Ocean

The Road to Freedom

This blog is a personal one. But I want to write about this because it gives me an opportunity to reach out, be honest and hope beyond hope that you will seek what I have found. That is, in fact, freedom. Freedom of the soul, the mind, and the heart. It certainly isn’t an easy journey … Continue reading The Road to Freedom